4 ways to style your tracksuit for men

4 ways to style your tracksuit for men
For a couple of years, fashion has decided to pay particular attention to the tracksuit for men, a constantly rising trend, suitable for many situations inside and outside the gym. The first tracksuit for men in the sports version was born in 1967 when Adidas made the first model in technical fabric.
Since then, all the brands have designed their own versions of tracksuits, from the purely sporty ones to the trendy ones for streetwear. Many variations, all united by a single spirit: the 90s vibes, in which tracksuits have become fashion even for going out.
I have done well to show you how well you can style your track suits, so guys, take off your jacket and tie, because men's fashion runs in a tracksuit!

Tracksuit for training: sporty look
In the past, wearing a tracksuit for men was essentially a habit linked to two specific circumstances: doing physical activities or simply staying at home in total relax. So what better way to start this blog than talking about tracksuits for training? Surely, it’s the least fashionable of these looks. Since we are talking about sportswear, your tracksuit’s choice should be mainly based on the physical activity you have to do and on the quality of the materials.
Obviously, this doesn’t mean that you can wear the first tracksuit you find in your wardrobe: in italian we say "L’occhio vuole la sua parte", it means "the eye wants its part", that is you also have to think about looking good… even at the gym!
Technical sportswear is very varied: for example, to play outdoor sports in colder months you can use a warmer suit.

Tracksuit for streetwear: baggy look
The real throwback to the 90s is to wear a baggy tracksuit for streetwear. This iconic hip-hop/rapper style needs loose hoodies and pants, since the magic word is “oversize”. Many Celebrities use this outfit during the day, some of them also participated in capsule collections with famous brands and others created them on their own (Justin Bieber also founded a brand of baggy-style tracksuits).
For me, the perfect combination for a true baggy tracksuit is a hoodie and wide ankle pants.

Casual tracksuit look: going-out look
As we said, men's tracksuits can now replace many everyday outfits, one of which is streetwear. All the major stars in the world have used tracksuits to create casual going-out looks. But be careful, because it's not an easy look to pull off. There are situations where wearing a tracksuit for men wouldn't be okay if it's not done in style and with the right accessories to combine.

Logomania tracksuit: influencer’s look
Since tracksuits are among the simplest garments in the wardrobe, all brands have tried to differentiate themselves by using different colors, shapes, patterns and so on. But the most distinctive element of each brand and certainly the most common one, is to put logos on the tracksuits.
It can be big and placed central on the hoodie, or smaller and repeated many times on the track pants. The logomania is a must for the tracksuits, and very popular among the influencers.
The most logomaniac luxury tracksuits are Gucci, Givenchy, Versace, Louis Vuitton, but even affordable brands use logos, such as Adidas, Puma, Nike, Everlast etc.
Having the logo visible on the tracksuit is cool. End of discussion.

The evergreens: tracksuit for men Nike and tracksuit for men Adidas
I know I said four tips, but this extra one is absolutely necessary. Yes, because when we talk about men's tracksuits, we cannot fail to mention Adidas and Nike. The first and most famous sportswear brands that brought the looks usually used for physical activity from the gyms to the streets, a real revolution.
Of course, these two brands are so popular that they have always been in competition with each other, and even if in some ways they are similar, over the years each one has conquered its share of the market. Nike is the number 1 basketball brand, Adidas focuses more on gym clothing and outdoor sports such as tennis.
We love them both. So guys, if you want to shop sportswear, you should start with at least one tracksuit for men Nike and one tracksuit for men Adidas. There are a lot of matching sets, the quality is crazy and the style is really cool, it’s impossible for you not to find the right suit for you.

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