Top 5 trending dresses for women in spring 2022

Top 5 trending dresses for women in spring 2022
When it comes to dresses for women, the options are endless. The dress is perhaps the garment with the most varieties of colors, shapes and patterns, it can be really complicated to know how to choose the right one.
Now that we are in the middle of spring and summer is approaching, the desire to put on a nice dress (which maybe shows a little more skin) instead of coat, sweater and pants, grows.
But what are the most popular dresses for women for this spring 2022? Don't worry girls, here are 5 trending dresses that you can look up to
Women’s shirt dresses
The women’s shirt dresses continue to be much loved, thanks to their comfort and versatility.
This item is like a longer dress shirt, buttoned on the front. It’s a look suitable for all ages and represents a modern woman outfit, perfect for spring months, because of lightweight material (usually cotton, satin, linen) and long sleeves. It might be a good idea to put a sleeveless sweater, sweatshirt or light jacket over your dress.
There are many models of women’s shirt dresses: you can opt for the classic white cotton shirt dress, or choose more particular colors.
The bodycon dress
The bodycon dress is made to emphasize and embrace the shapes of the female body, making it very sexy, sensual and super tight. Let me tell you one thing: if you are confident in your body, who cares what size you are, wear your bodycon dress proudly!
Bodycon dresses aren't just party or evening dresses. For example, try pairing a bodycon dress with sneakers to make your look a little more casual for an afternoon gathering, and add a jacket if it's colder: look how cute Summer's look is.
A bodycon dress with long sleeves can be an excellent choice for the spring months. You can use it without tights and high boots. Don't forget to pair it with the right accessories, and remember…be confident!
Satin dress
Brilliant, smooth, glamorous and refined thanks to its slight conformation, the satin dress is suitable for all tastes: there is no outfit that will not gain in elegance and style, trust me!
Satin is a very versatile fabric, some models of satin dress are perfect even in summer (but we'll talk about it ...), but if you have some in the long-sleeved wardrobe that you want to use right now, just do it!
Denim dress
The denim dress, short or long, is the great protagonist of the wardrobe in Spring 2022. Straight or flared, in blue or dark, there are many possibilities. It’s an infallible hyper-feminine look, to be used as a neutral base for cool details and unusual combinations. I love denim because it manages to make every outfit more casual and modern, so as to make a perfect dress both for a special occasion and as a streetstyle look.
Personally, I prefer if these dresses are short, because they lengthen the silhouette and show off the tan of the legs (always if you tend to tan). I love Silvia’s denim minidress with puff sleeves, I think I'll buy it too!
When it comes to denim, people tend to think of the classic "blue jeans", but remember that you can find a denim dress in many other colors, starting with white, perfect for this season.
Floral dresses
They’re certainly not avant-garde or new, but floral dresses have always been the trend of springs and summers. It may be because the play of colors brings joy, because flowers and bright colors set aside the darker winter colors, but if you wear floral dresses you will certainly brighten up any room you are in.
The only rule is to play with colors: the more the better, focusing on the rich and bright tones that are popular.


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